Drug & Alcohol Policy

First Oil Engineering Sdn.Bhd strives to provide a safe work environment and encourages personal health of his employees. Concerning this, Company considers drugs and alcohol abuse on the job to be unsafe impair employee’s ability to perform task properly and constitute serious adverse effects on the safety, health, efficiency and productivity. 

Therefore, it is company policy that employees, who use, possess, distribute or sell illicit of non-prescribed controlled drugs during work hour; consumed, possess, distribute alcoholic beverages during work hours; and are intoxicated for duties due to the influence of drug or alcohol during work hour will be subject to disciplinary action including immediate dismissal. 

Prescription drugs prescribed by the employee’s physician may be taken during work hours. The employee should notify the supervisor if the use of prescription drugs will affect the employee’s work performance. Abuse of prescription drugs will not be tolerated. 

FOE Drug & Alcohol Policy 2019.